Fashion · 24. June 2018
Chatting about my new favorite jacket and fall feelings.
Fashion · 09. April 2018
I feel like there are more summer vibes here in Munich right now than spring ones but it's April so let's just roll with it. I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore something bright and colorful. It might just become my favorite dress for this summer!

Fashion · 02. March 2018
I am so excited that spring is just around the corner, even though it was pretty cold shooting this outfit. See my favorite new fashion pieces in this blogpost.
Fashion · 25. January 2018
Let's catch up- what happened over the past few months and have a look at the birthday present I bought for myself.

Fashion · 29. July 2016
By the time you are reading this, my last days in Europe already passed. I am currently in Rhode Island in my host family's holiday house and enjoying the beach, getting to know the family (especially the kids) and working as an aupair. The last few weeks in Europe were very stressful because of the many preparations for my year here in the US. Furthermore I also wanted to visit my best friend in Munich, where we also did the shooting for this outfit post. We tried some restaurants and I added...
Fashion · 23. June 2016
Hi again, long time no see... As some of you know, I have been studying a lot as this year has been my final year. The final exams have been from end of May until the beginning of June, but the results are coming next week; I am quite nervous! Not only school but also my movie has been quite time consuming because last weekend has been the premiere of it- after 4 years of work. I am so happy to have finally finished this project and to be able to concentrate on new things. Another piece of news...

Fashion · 02. November 2015
With November finally there, the cold season now officially has arrived. Therefore I chose to shoot this kind of casual glam look: the chic necklace, ring and bag are upgrading the simple sweater and more casual biker boots. I bought everything except the coat quite recently, so it should still be available in stores. Furthermore I bought the sweater, necklace and velvet lip cream at the H&M event last Thursday when they first introduced H&M home and their cosmetics in Luxembourg during...
Fashion · 12. October 2015
This fall look has also been the outfit for my cousin's confirmation this weekend. Because of this event I had the possibility to be in Munich and see my family and Betty again. I spent one day with her shopping and bought this beautiful Longchamp bag!

Fashion · 03. October 2015
Two weeks ago I attended the official launch of Showstyle, a new luxembourgish online shop. This has been really exciting because such an online shop didn't exist until now. They offer a great variety of brands and especially luxembourgish brands too! . I am very happy that I have already been futured on their facebook page, so keep an eye on them. I decided to go a little bit casual but somehow classy to the launch, therefore I wore a distressed and washed-out pair of jeans together with a...
Fashion · 28. September 2015
September is almost over and it is getting colder day by day: fall is noticeable coming. During fall time I really love darker colours like black, grey but especially bordeaux and dark green. Therefore my first official fall look contains two dark red pieces: the dress and the bag. Mixed together with a pair of tights, warm boots and a big cozy scarf, you are well-prepared for the cold but beautiful season.

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