Recipes · 23. April 2020
I have been trying several banana bread recipes over the last couple of weeks. Read more to find the most delicious of them all. And it is healthy too!
Fashion · 24. June 2018
Chatting about my new favorite jacket and fall feelings.

Fashion · 09. April 2018
I feel like there are more summer vibes here in Munich right now than spring ones but it's April so let's just roll with it. I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore something bright and colorful. It might just become my favorite dress for this summer!
Fashion · 02. March 2018
I am so excited that spring is just around the corner, even though it was pretty cold shooting this outfit. See my favorite new fashion pieces in this blogpost.

Fashion · 25. January 2018
Let's catch up- what happened over the past few months and have a look at the birthday present I bought for myself.
Lifestyle · 29. April 2017
How I felt about leaving the US and finish my year as an aupair.

Lifestyle · 02. October 2016
Last month I decided to order my first subscription box and it happened to be the "Fab Fit Fun" one. Living in America, I am finally able to order them! This subscription service is seasonal which means you only get it 4 times a year and not (like most of the others) monthly. I decided to go with the Fab Fit Fun one because I often prefer to choose what I want to try out in terms of makeup and skin care and therefore don't want a box only dedicated to cosmetics. I had a look at their last boxes...
Fashion · 29. July 2016
By the time you are reading this, my last days in Europe already passed. I am currently in Rhode Island in my host family's holiday house and enjoying the beach, getting to know the family (especially the kids) and working as an aupair. The last few weeks in Europe were very stressful because of the many preparations for my year here in the US. Furthermore I also wanted to visit my best friend in Munich, where we also did the shooting for this outfit post. We tried some restaurants and I added...

Fashion · 23. June 2016
Hi again, long time no see... As some of you know, I have been studying a lot as this year has been my final year. The final exams have been from end of May until the beginning of June, but the results are coming next week; I am quite nervous! Not only school but also my movie has been quite time consuming because last weekend has been the premiere of it- after 4 years of work. I am so happy to have finally finished this project and to be able to concentrate on new things. Another piece of news...
Beauty · 01. January 2016
Christmas and New Year's Eve is the time of the year to come together and enjoy with the whole family. Even if we are happy to spend time with our most loved ones, that time tends to be quite exhausting. Therefore I thought I would upload my pamper routine for all the ones needing some time for themselves to relax. Besides, I want to wish you all a happy new year full of happiness and love and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I want to apologize quickly for the lack of posts lately but I...

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